Stefano Zehnder

ICIS, Vice President, Consulting


  • Stefano is a senior member of the ICIS team involved in Consulting, globally responsible for the areas of Refining and Petrochemical Feedstocks. He has has 30 years of experience researching these fields and the energy sectors, contributing to ICIS price forecast and Supply/Demand scenarios. Stefano is frequently engaged by the industry for single client consulting projects, and collaborates regularly with industry associations and major research institutions. He regularly contributes publications and presentations to industry bodies such as GPCA, EPCA, AFPM, APIC, APLA and etc

Business Advisory Experience

  • A Swiss-Italian, Stefano has over 20 years of experience and is recognized as an international expert in his field, particularly in the area of Oil Refining Strategy and of Petrochemical Feedstocks.
  • Stefano’s key responsibility is to ensure that consulting projects undertaken by the Energy and Refining practice fully meet the Client’s strategic objectives in terms of both content and deliverables. In this context, he is familiar with dealing at the highest level within his client’s organization.
  • This very extensive market research and business analysis activity has been used for a number of consulting projects involving National and International Oil Companies, Financial Institutions and major petrochemical producers. Advisory experience included feasibility studies, long term planning and evaluation of strategic opportunities.

Education and Selected Publications

  • Holds a Diploma in Industrial Electronics, from ITIS Giorgi, Milan.
  • Stefano has presented several papers at international conferences in Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.